Aico Ei3028 Multi-Sensor Heat & CO Alarm

Product Description:

The Aico Multi-Sensor Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarm allows you to detect not only fire but the presence of CO in just one alarm!

The Aico alarm is run on 230V mains power, however features a sealed rechargeable lithium battery that provides back up if there is a mains failure, ensuring safety always. The alarm features different LED's and beeps to differentiate between CO or fire detection.

The Multi-Sensor Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarm self-checks its sensors, battery and internal circuit every 48 seconds, allowing the alarm to find any faults frequently and will alter you if it does find any. Another great feature the alarm has is the AudioLINK technology it has. The AudioLINK allows you to extract real time data from the alarm directly to your phone or tablet using the app. The alarm is also SmartLINK. Plug in a Ei3000MRF module (sold separately) for a wireless interconnection along with real-time notifications of alarm activations via the Portal and SmartLINK Gateaway.

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