Aico EI3016 Optical Smoke Detector

Product Description:

The Aico Optical Smoke Alarm is a high performing optical smoke alarm that is ideal for detecting slow, smoldering fires.

The smoke alarm isn't just your typical smoke alarm, it features a unique self-monitoring dust compensation mechanism which has been incorporated. This allows the alarm to tolerate up to twice as much more dust contamination than a conventional optical alarm. The sensor also self-monitors continuously in dust changes, and will automatically recalibrate the alarm trigger point once the dust accumulates to a certain level.

Another great feature this alarm has is the AudioLINK technology it has. The technology allows you to extract real time data from the alarm directly to your phone or tablet via the app. Monitor activation dates, alarm life and sensor status all from the touch of a button, and can also be emailed to yourself. This clever function is useful for anyone and everyone!

The Aico Optical Smoke Alarm is mains powered with a 10 year rechargeable lithium battery back-up included so there's no need to worry if your mains circuit decides to fault. The alarm is also SmartLINK compatible. Want a wireless connected alarm? No problem! Simply plug in a Ei3000MRF module (sold seperately) for a wireless interconnection, with data extraction, real-time notifications all from your phone and SmartLINK Gateway.

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